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SmartWalker Pro – LED・Alarm・Radio・10 Heights・Lightweight

🇸🇬 SGD79.90 🇸🇬 SGD38.80

⭐️ LED front light for better visibility especially during night time
⭐️ FM radio with volume and next/prev buttons for easy control
⭐️ USB rechargeable battery no need for battery replacement
⭐️ Fall alarm for seniors to trigger during an emergency
⭐️ 4-point pivot swivel support to prevent slipping and falling
⭐️ Ergonomic handle design, reducing strain on the hand when holding
⭐️ Side handle bar helps senior find support to stand up
⭐️ Wrist band and information tag assists seniors find help
⭐️ 10 step adjustable heights. Suitable for people from 155 cm up to 188 cm

A complete 10 adjustable height smart walking stick 🚶‍♂️ coupled with 🚨 emergency fall alarm, 📻 radio and 🔦 navigation LED light.

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