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🦠 KetsShield – UV Phone Steriliser and Wireless Charger

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Cleanse your phones after a long day outside with ease. Simply place it on our UV charger to charge your phone and sterilise it from bacteria!

Product Features:
⭐️ UV Sterilizer device
⭐️ Wireless device charging 5W or up to 10W (with Android QC2.0/3.0)
⭐️ Wired USB charging output port option
⭐️ Micro USB power input
⭐️ Motion detect for ON/OFF and manual ON/OFF
⭐️ Solar powered/rechargeable
⭐️ USB rechargeable

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– Dimensions 110 x 100 x 100mm

– Wireless charging distance 6mm

– Safe and anti over-charging feature



– Do not look at the UV lamp directly

– Keep away from children