Bundle Deal – HealthKets Essentials #2


Bundle includes

  • 2x KetsPro Portable Massager

Customised Therapy

Choose to relieve your pain or just soothe and relax your muscles, with various options to select to manage pain threshold in a session of 15 minutes.

8 Basic Body Areas:

Neck, Arms, Lower back, Leg, Foot, Joint (Knee, Elbow, Wrist), Shoulder, Waist

9 Massage Modes:

Acupuncture, Hammering, Massage, Cupping, Knead, Scraping, Slimming, Finger Pressure and Neck

15 Intensity Levels:

Multiple levels of intensity settings for our personal preference and comfort.

Reusable Pads

– Up to 150 times
– Soft, comfortable self-adhesive pads
– Washable up to 10 times

Device Specs:

– 2 separate ports with 4 points
– Manage individual ports with different modes and different frequency
– Medium frequency 3,000 Hz
– Low frequency 1,000 Hz
– USB rechargeable
– Full charge 8hrs use
– LED display
– Energy saving auto-off mode when not in use
– Weight 115 grams


Usage Instructions


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